We’d like to think that the main thing we do as Jacob’s Ladder

is be there for each other.  Like mates do.
We always pray with our mates on our minds.  We like meeting up, some for beer,

some for coffee, some for a walk, some just chit-chatting online

and others just to go shopping.  Like mates do.
But you probably want to know about the organised things we do.

There are four…


Free to enter events, held on the third Sunday of each month at 7pm in Hugglescote Social Club.  During the evening there’s a team rock music quiz, rock and prog videos, food, all sorts of fun and games and a couple of short serious bits; ‘Prog & Ponder’ takes a look for just a few minutes at the Christian take on a life issue, and 1-minute of prayer when we remember those we’ve lost in music during the month.  And the bar is open all night.  We reckon they must be OK because in the 3 years we’ve been running just about everyone who gives it a try ends up coming again and again…just like a Quo song.


Not everyone who comes to our Hawley nights is into this – and that’s OK.  But for those who want to understand a bit more about the Christian faith, once a month we publish The Jesus Deal, here on the website and on our Facebook page.  They are video presentations, usually no more than 10 minutes long and in a Ladder-stylee.


This is a new monthly magazine which came about as an attempt to keep things ticking over while we couldn’t get together at The Hawley because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  But it seems to be going down rather well, so there seems no reason to stop.  It’s free to download from this website as a PDF.  You can also enter your quiz scores, cast votes for Jacob’s Jukebox Jury and leave other feedback on ‘Your Say’.


A few times a year we hold fundraising events to help us keep running Jacob’s Ladder.  These are usually packed with friends, their families and folk who only attend these events (you are very welcome).  They are great fun for all ages.

We also run the annual Jacob’s Bladdered beer festival. 

Not sure we need to expand on that!