The Main Stage Logo

The Main Stage is the music bit of Jacob’s Ladder.


A good number of us who enjoy Jacob’s Ladder are fans of rock and prog music.  There are a fair few of us who fondly recall the 80s and 90s music scenes.  The are some who even enjoy the contemporary stuff.


Much of The Main Stage is about our love of music.


We get together once a month for a couple of hours of music-filled malarkey which includes stuff like:


Auntie Pam’s Quiz … a team rock music quiz, usually with a trophy full of Haribos (other sweets are available) as a prize.


Chew, Chat & Contemplate … A time to enjoy some free food and chat about life, the universe and everything with those around us.


Climbing The Ladder … each get-together has a theme and we take a few minutes to present on the big-screen the Christian take on that theme.  Thought-provoking?  Hope so.  Bible-bashing?  Most definitely not!


It’s Rock Dad, But Not As We Know It … a video of a different take on some classic rock music.  Sometimes these are amazing.  Sometimes they are disastrous!


Jacob’s Jukebox Jury … the chance to watch a couple of new music video releases and vote ‘Hit’ or ‘Miss’.


The Trials … a couple of in-house experts (that’s stretching it) battle out the pros and cons of a music debate.


1-Minute Of Prayer … all on the big-screen again, sometimes with a bit of Bon Jovi (☺) to reflect on the theme.


There’s other stuff such as the Prayer Table where you can privately light a candle and the Library from which you can borrow, or in some cases keep, books about music and faith.


Now and then we have some live music – we even have our own in-house band Star Wars Café.


And, of course, there is a bar open throughout.


People of all ages come along, and entry is free, so why not give it a try?  The worst thing that can happen is a really bad ‘It’s Rock Dad…’.