Graven Image Logo

We are delighted to announce that we now hasve a new art branch called Graven Image. 

"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image" is an abbreviated form of one of the Ten Commandments which, according to the Book of Deuteronomy, were spoken by God to the Israelites and then written on stone tablets by God.  Literally, graven images were idols, worshipped as a replacement for God and the cause of much human misjudgement. 

We are not going to do this, we will be making some art for fun! 


So, what is Graven Image all about?

Along with the music, beer drinking and general camaraderie of our gatherings, publications and projects, we want a visual element which will showcase a whole other side to people’s talents.  There will be three strands to the Graven Image plan:

  1. Competitions (but it’s the taking part that counts)

  2. Exhibitions (online and art gallery-style)

  3. Collaborations (this is where lots of people contribute to one big piece of art, or we partner with other projects)


And if all goes to plan (why wouldn’t it?) there will be times when all three come together in perfect harmony (i.e. we launch a competition which leads to an exhibition which becomes a wonderful piece of art which we could share with others).


So, look out for forthcoming details, tell your friends and family and release your creative spirit with us.  Tell us what you think, how you feel you could contribute and what you’d enjoy seeing. 


We can’t wait to get started!

Paul, in Romans 12:6 says In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well- so let’s tap into some of this wonderful stuff and celebrate sharing our gifts, talents and abilities as part of this evolving community.