Jacob's Ladder Image

Jacob’s Ladder is part of the Church of England and is what is known, in these days of everything needing a title, as a ‘Fresh Expression of Church’. Such churches share the same core beliefs as the more traditional ones, but operate rather differently.


We are not a half-baked church, a warm-up church or some kind of project to get people ready for a ‘proper’ church. We are a real church. The 100% deal. We just do things in a way that feels a bit more palatable to some people than the more traditional types of church.


We’re not better. We’re not worse. We’re just different.


In Dave, we have our own ‘vicar’ ... actually he’s called a Pioneer Minister and has a different kind of job description. He is accountable to the Bishop of Leicester and has a number of people in the local  Church of England set-up who keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t go nuts!


We have a team of volunteers who help plan, run and look after Jacob’s Ladder. Some are long-standing Christians who have ‘been around the block’, others are taking only the first tentative steps of their faith journey.  All of them have to follow the essential requirements of the Church of England; for example being DBS checked and cleared.


As well as holding responsibility for the whole caboodle, Dave heads up ‘The Main Stage’, Deb does the same for ‘Jacob’s Bladdered’ and Hayley for ‘Graven Image’.


Anyone and everyone is very welcome to attend and be part of Jacob’s Ladder. We love the fact that Jacob’s Ladder is a happy collective of fervent believers, some who would say they’re on a voyage of discovery and others who are openly avid unbelievers. We all get along just fine, enjoy each others’ company and know we can just relax and be ourselves.


We are not out to try and convert anyone by persuasive preaching or Bible-bashing at Jacob’s Ladder. We are open about our faith and we do take the opportunity to present some information about the Christian perspective on life in our ‘Climbing The Ladder’ slot.  But it’s all very deliberately done so that you can add it to your own thinking. To make your own mind up.


​Oh, and the name? We took it from the Rush song of the same title (seven-and-a-half minutes of unadulterated atmospheric prog-metal).  It also happens to be a story in the Bible which illustrates the connection between earth and heaven. Perfect!